Friday, March 7, 2014


I have a little project in mind and I carved a simple diamond pattern into rubber stamp block. It was a very quick 5 minute carve. In between groceries, errands and lunch today, I took the time to test it out on a scrap of Bali fabric.

I will probably brush on a little more paint to deepen the color. The plan eventually is to incorporate the pieces into a little shoulder bag but first I must draw up a pattern and finish up my latest project.
My daughter, who has been in S Korea for 3 1/2, years is currently in flight on her way home. One more stop and one more flight later tonight. We're looking forward to a short visit before she heads out to North Carolina for a wedding and then home once again in two weeks. We'll then be looking for lodging in PEI where she's going for a year to attend university.


Eileen said...

Good idea painting on lightly coloured fabric rather than white.
Holly, this winter I have been cutting the thicker (about 3/8") foam sheets you can find at craft stores and gluing the pieces to a block of wood for stamps. They have been working very well. Just an alternative to the carving.

Wendy said...

I Love those stamped images! Wouldn't Venetian masks look great on them? Thread painted adornments on the side? There! Lol I have your next project all planned for you...I see something and it sparks an idea and I am off and running! Whatever you do with them, I am sure they will be lovely.
Bet you will relieved to have your "little girl" a little closer to home.