Sunday, March 16, 2014

Home making, another Gelli print

It seemed like my cold was going to pass without getting too serious but a commenter did warn me about how it hangs on. The sore throat has finally abated, only to be replaced by sinus pain. I've been prone to infections so I could have one. My prescription to myself is to drink lots, rest some and get outside in the wonderful sun for a small bit of exercise and fresh air. I'm a big believer in getting outdoors and it's a wonderfully mild sunny day today. I plan to shave a little more off our huge snow banks at the front and on my deck. Spring is in the air despite us being still buried under a mountain of snow and I'm looking forward to getting more lines of clothes hung out.
Often, in the mornings, I'm slow to get going due to my Addison's I think and this morning was one of those when it was so. Having sinus through the night didn't help. It usually takes me an hour or two to get going , clear the fog, and shake off some mild depression. As I get doing my chores and into my day it goes away. This morning, a documentary about a health care and a paraplegics story really kicked me in the pants. I resolved to be thankful for all that I have.
I got moving and mixed up a batch of oat bran banana muffins, adding coconut, sunflower seeds, ground cranberries and a handful of dark chocolate chips.

I'm drinking green tea as I write this but I'm holding off until lunch time for the muffin. Oh, the battle of the bulge!
Yesterday, I went to our guild UFO taking some hand work and my lunch. A roomful of happy, chatty stitchers never fails to cheer me up and give me peace.
My friend Carmel brought another one of the Gelli prints that I helped her with which she had stitched up. I am really enjoying her enthusiasm and her creativity.

She's added bits of trim, stitching, buttons and beads.

It encourages me to work up the energy to give a workshop. Creative energy is so contagious and inspiring. Teaching is very rewarding.
So, bear with me as I take some time to get my health back. When my daughter comes back from her little trip, we will be busy with apartment hunting and the stress of all that. My creative time may suffer a bit but that is life isn't it?

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Eileen said...

Thanks for checking out my blogpost about the carved wren. From following your blog Holly, I know you enjoy birdwatching too. The name of your blog implies that too.
Hope you are feeling better.