Thursday, January 9, 2014

Printing fabric

Yesterday, I went back to my Wednesday lap swim after missing it over the holidays. Since I don't have landscapes to ponder like when I'm out walking, I spend my time while I'm swimming thinking about future fiber art. I had lots of ideas and images going through my mind.
Because I didn't do any fiber work over the holidays and also because I'm taking the painting class, my fingers are getting itchy for some fiber. So after my morning chores--I actually hung the clothes out--it was a balmy -10 with a good wind, I got out some PFD fabric, ironed it and cut it up into pieces.
These 2 pieces I did using pressed flowers saved in old phone books and fabric sprays. I envision them in table runners. I've already trimmed one up and chosen some batiks to go with.

I did a second one just in case.

Next, I wanted to do some plain screen prints on white fabric. I will add a transparent background color later so they're only half done at this point.

I don't use these as background for my fiber art, but rather as bits of color and texture in my borders usually.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

very pretty Holly!! So glad our snow has been melting

Eileen said...

Holly these are attractive. What is the paint you are using?