Monday, January 27, 2014

Fish Shacks--adding a border and more details

Schools were cancelled here today due to  snow. It doesn't affect me anymore since I no longer have children at home but I still feel it's special somehow. I'm lucky to choose to stay home watching the world from my windows and enjoying my creative endeavors.
I decided to add borders to my fish shacks along with a batting and another layer of interfacing before moving on with more layers of stitch. I've layered on small bits of light highlights and stitched some lacy trees to the background. Lots of thread changing takes time.
I am much happier with how it's coming along at this point and the extra layers have prevented further rippling.
There remain just a few small details, the men, a door, some defining lines. I always need to let it rest in between short sessions though so enough for today.
I'm saving some time and energy for snow shoveling and supper preparations--veggie meatballs on spaghetti squash.
At lunch time today I couldn't help but  notice all the birds using our deck feeders and heated bird bath. The only thing I would wish for were I granted a wish, would be a spot and a window large enough for a chair so I could sit and watch them. They are so fascinating and beautiful to watch.
I know that starlings are traditional pests, but really the beauty of this one with it's sparkly plumage sitting amid the lightly falling snow was too pretty to resist. The tiny bright spots really do remind me of a starry night sky.
I saw chickadees and goldfinches besides a flock of bluejays that also spent time at the feeder and the bath.
There is no end to the possible subjects for future projects, just never enough time!
Happy Monday, all!

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Eileen said...

Of course I am enjoying your fish shacks painting on fabric, but thanks for the bird pics too. Yes, amazingly those starlings can look beautiful at times.