Sunday, January 19, 2014

a start at my free motion quilting and ice fishing

Sometimes on Sunday I like to take a drive and snap a few photos. After a leisurely breakfast and a session with tea, coffee and the weekend paper (Gord reads, I do the crossword), we headed out for a little drive.
Over in east as they call it, we drove down to the wharf and took a walk out onto the ice where they are ice fishing for smelts.
As you can see ibn the above photo, there were a few men outside fishing through a hole. Normally, it would be pretty cold for that. We were cold just standing taking pictures. the temps are quite mild right now.
It's like a little village out there. Some of the huts even have wood stoves. Besides the fishing, it is also quite a social thing for most of the men.
As we were walking back to shore, my husband pointed out the unique profile of the wharf and breakwater in the background. Being so intent on the huts, I hadn't noticed it but had to admit it was pretty interesting.

We then picked up a few groceries, had lunch and visited my in laws. We were home by mid afternoon, giving me enough time to upload my photos and get my fern runner sandwiched. I threaded the machine, did a test patch and couldn't wait to get a little of the stitching done.
The rest will have to wait until another day.


Eileen said...

I am attracted to that photo of the fishing shacks. I would love to see what you do with it.
In response to your question to me, my online course is on a private blog, and so far the instructor hasn't given me any feedback but has comment on several others, which is helpful to look at too. I will look at Alicia Burke's site. Thanks.

Kitchener Quilter said...

This might seem like a silly question, but I'm wondering if that is the ocean upon which those ice fishing huts sit? There is a lot of ice fishing around here, but of course no ocean. Many lakes here freeze over.