Saturday, January 11, 2014

Piecing a fern runner

I was really intrigued with the colors and patterns in the ferns that I spray painted last Thursday onto the white cotton, so I decided to start adding strips to make it into a table runner.
I'm using blue and green batiks. Love these colors! After doing a few strips, I decided to stop for a couple of reasons. I'm lacking a nice mossy green. On Monday, I'm going to Moncton and will visit a quilt shop; I will wait and see what they might have. Here is the tutoriol for the runner. I made it with the Halloween fabrics in the fall and really liked how it went together. The fern center section is a little bigger than the pattern, so I adjusted the strip lengths to suit.
I will add free motion stitching to it once it is all pieced and sandwiched.

Also, my back was bothering me a bit so I've grabbed my favorite snack to eat while writing this post and sitting back in my comfortable computer chair--pomegranate with cottage cheese--does that sound weird?
The other thing I need to do since bringing my art quilts home from our local shop which closes until late spring, is to add a few items to my Etsy shop. Since it takes time to do, I've decided to break it down into bits, adding an item here and there.