Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little elf projects and battling the cold

Brr, it is -15C without the wind chill! Yesterday, I knew it was coming and knew I better get an extension cord for the car block heater. My husband used them all on the Christmas lights. My fault, said he; I'm the one that put up an extra set of lights. He's been away all week and didn't think to mention that before he left even though he got the block heater ready! It was up to me. So, I stopped at Canadian Tire and bought an exterior cord. In the driveway I tore open the package and then got out and tried to plug it in. Ha, the block heater has a 3 pronged plug and this one didn't.
I came in, had supper and went back to the store to exchange it. I had to get a 16 foot one but at least it would work. Again I tore it open in the car and got out and tried to plug it in. First the new cord wouldn't fit into the timer so I bypassed that. No problem, my husband could fix it when he gets home. (Later today, I hope). Then, with my arthritic hands, I couldn't get the heater plug to push into the cord. Just when I thought I might have to call on a neighbour, I got it on by leaning into it. So, the car started this morning.
I picked up a bunch of these notebooks with my artwork from the copier to be used for gifts.

I did a quick I pad photo so it's not perfect. They really did turn out well with great colour and detail.

I also had my first go at carving the mug stamp and did a test run on paper.
I'll remove the inside of the handle--forgot that--and add a few little details. I've got two tea towels ready to go but would like to do more. This linen was purchased from a fabric store by the meter. I only have enough for two.
I checked a local kitchen shop yesterday and they didn't have anything. I may get around to a couple more if I have time.
The plan is to stamp with fabric paint and do a quick pass with the sewing machine.

Earlier, I made a spinach canneloni for the freezer. I did make a small one that will be for our supper.
Now, I'm off to make my stamp and continuity hand sewing some bindings.


Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Tem dias que as coisas são complicadas...
Ótima idéia a capa dos notebooks!
Um abraço!
There are days when things are complicated ...
Exellent idea the cover of notebooks!

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Oh, those journals are beautiful!
Your mug stamp will be able to be used for many things.

Michele T said...

We have been in a deep freeze here in northwestern Ontario... Minus 30 degrees Celsius and luckily we do not have a wind chill factor!! The car is still starting but not without a moment where I think, "Dang it! Maybe I should have plugged it in!"

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Holly. Your Birch Grove piece is lovely. Great idea to put your work on the notebook covers--they make delightful gifts. Happy to have found your blog. May you have a happy holiday season!
best from Tunisia,

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