Thursday, December 5, 2013

Anita's Arrowhead quilt block

As days often go, it's been a bit up and down. I met a friend for coffee this morning which was good and after lunch attempted to mix up some egg whites to make chocolate meringues to put in the freezer for Christmas dinner. Not so good. I've never had it happen before; they would not even begin to thicken. Of course it was the last of my eggs so it'll have to wait until next week now.
Since I finished up the thread painting on my recent piece, I decided to try out a quilt block that intrigues me. I'm thinking of doing it in greens and blues.

It's called Anita's Arrowhead. The PDF can be found here.
The directions make a 9 inch block but a friend told me that if I cut my 2 squares of contrasting fabrics at 11", I would get a 12 1/2" inch block or 12" finished so I tried that. I want to make a queen sized quilt and thought the larger block might be better. Not sure.
Unless I re-ironed some of the seams, they don't all end up as opposing. I'm wondering what your opinions might be on ironing open the seams?
I want to do it for a wedding gift and since it also reminds me of an x, I might name it hugs and kisses, finding some way later to get the O's in. Is anyone out the superstitious? I wonder if the arrowhead is an ok block for a wedding gift!


Peg said...

That is an intriguing block - and X's and O's would be a perfect wedding quilt!

Anonymous said...

Because I read Melody's blog faithfully,I saw the blog about your surprise gift and came over to see your blog. Just to put in my 2 cents worth,I almost always press my seams open.I just think it makes the quilt less "bumpy".But I use a smaller thread length(2.0 on my Janome) and I'm careful of thread color.Usually I use a light grey or beige. Hope this helps. Julie