Monday, December 2, 2013

Making a wreath

I didn't get to my sewing machine today but I did get a new much needed home phone. And I had lunch with a friend and picked up one of my final Christmas gifts which I'm very pleased about!
Later this afternoon, I spent some time relaxing by hand sewing down some binding on the Christmas placemats I made.
Also, I just finished adding the silver mesh ribbon, white snowflakes and pine cones purchased from the bargain store to the green berry wreath I had from last year.

I've got my outdoor lights up, now my wreath, and this week, I'm going to start some indoor decorating and baking. I'm skipping a lot of the rich cookies and squares this year. With all my kids coming home, ( I'm so excited; I haven't seen my daughter in over two years! ) I do need a few treats. I'm going to do gingerbread cookies.
Recently, I came across a weight watchers recipe for making chocolate meringues that are served with berries. I'm going to try making those ahead too.
I picked up a large chicken on the weekend for our non vegetarian eaters and I plan to make a spinach cannelloni, also ahead, for the vegetarians.
Tis the season! I'm starting to feel it! The light snowfall we've been having all day is certainly helping. It will be pretty tonight when the Christmas lights start to come on.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I really love your wreathe Holly....I have my outdoor lights up. but need a new wreathe.