Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow day

We went and did our in law visiting yesterday, since we knew a snow storm was predicted for today. It started here around late morning-- a perfect day to get my little table top tree up and decorated. I've done a table topper for the last number of years since our house is small. I like that it enable me to decorate it easily in whatever style I want.

I took a squash lentil soup from the freezer for lunch and I mixed up a quick batch of oatmeal cranberry muffins to go with it, definitely comfort food.
 A dove came to visit at lunch time, causing me excitement as we haven't had them yet and I do so love to watch them. It is sitting atop the feeder which is right outside my kitchen window; so close that I often feel as though I'm being watched.
I always enjoy the view through my sewing studio window no matter the weather.
I took a bit if time to refine the coffee mug stamp, no pictures because it's been glued and is sitting under a heavy book. Tomorrow, i hope to stamp the tea towel and stitch it.
I hope you're weekend is not too frenetic and that you can take some time to relax and enjoy the little quiet moments.