Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snowshoeing and Scribbling a Bluejay

It was -19 this morning when Gord and I left the house to go to a favourite local restaurant, Papa Joe's for a late breakfast and then groceries. Just after noon we went snow shoeing, dressing warm. It was quite lovely, almost -11 by then. The soft winter light glows so beautifully through the trees.

I took my new Sanyo Galaxy phone with me to try out its camera-- too cold a day to take the big camera.
Once you got going it was comfortable; in the woods there was no wind.

Gord stops every once in a while waiting patiently for me while I snap photos. There are so many little details that catch my eye even in a snowy landscape. I love the delicate lines of dried wildflowers against the shadowy white backdrop.

Once back home I made hot chocolate for us both along with a quick snack of sliced apple, crackers and goat cheese.
I gathered together some of my photos taken in late fall, my sketchbook and some colored pencils. On the right page I glued a black and white print and added a touch of colored pencil. On the left I did a quick 'scribble sketch' of a bluejay.

This is my way of getting acquainted with a subject that I'm interested in, looking for basic shapes, values and colors. I'm thinking as well of how I might translate it onto fabric.

I've been thinking as one does at this time of my goals and intentions for 2014. As always I want to continue to exercise, eat well and look after myself.
I want to continue being creative in some way every day.
I intend to submit more articles for publication. I haven't recently. It's not that I'm pushing to develop a career; I'm retired. I think it helps me to push myself to develop artistically and to create contacts and network with like minded artists. This brings me happiness.
And I'll admit it is a bit exciting to see ones work in print.
As I write this my daughter is in flight somewhere over northern Canada as she makes her way back to Korea. It won't be long when she'll be back home to start her next adventure. It's a bit scary to be approaching 30 , coming home with no job, applying to university to do her Bachelor of Education. It's all unknown right now, and we tend to fear that don't we? I know it will work out in the end but there'll be a bit of stress as we progress. I'll breathe deep and try to exercise it off.
May you all have a wonderful New Year! We are staying home, probably having popcorn and a movie. Simple, homey, just what we like. I'll be knitting a little on some socks while snuggled under an afghan.
Stay warm for those reading in the northern hemisphere. Revel in the present, set your intentions for a good year. Keep commenting. I love to hear from you!


elle said...

Happy New Year, Holly!

Eileen said...

I like seeing the blue jay and am interested to see if you carry it through onto textile. I just finished a chickadee painted in dyes on fabric.