Thursday, September 26, 2013

Natural dyeing and hand stitching

Yesterday, I took myself and my sewing machine in for service. The sewing machine got a cleaning and an oiling and I will pick it up tomorrow. I wish it were so simple for me! I was told that my recent blood tests show a raise in my cholesterol. This was not good news to me as I'm already taking medications for thyroid, Addison's disease, high blood pressure, allergies and asthma! I'm on the watch and see plan for the moment.
I admit to being 'naughty' with my diet in August/September with all my travelling. I didn't say no to desserts which I love but try to control when I'm home. My exercise was more sporadic than normal. Now, I have to get back on track.
This morning, I put on a dye pot of Logwood and took some time to wrap some scarves and tie up some pebbles. Here you see the results of the 2 scarves, one piece of cotton and one piece of linen. I found a white linen blouse at the Salvation Army store yesterday. Although the tag was gone, I'm hoping it's 100% linen. If not it'll just finish up a little lighter.

This afternoon, since I don't have my machine, I sat down with my island piece and started adding some hand stitched daisies and tansy. I'd like to have kept going, but boy even with all my little helper tools, my fingers were hurting me. I use a thimble for pushing and a rubber finger cot for pulling the needle. They really help; however, if I don't want the fingers to keep me awake tonight, I've got to give them a rest.

Tomorrow is another errand day, and the sun is supposed to finally come out this weekend do I may not get to my sewing machine until next week.


Sue W. said...

Your island piece is coming along nicely Holly. Looking forward to seeing it in person at the retreat.

Leslie McNeil said...

A day of beautiful color, holly! Hope you get on track soon. Loved seeing what you're doing!