Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back home

I'm back home but have no projects to show. Today was an unpacking, washing clothes and resting day. I spent 12 hours traveling on a train, shuttle, ferry and two flights yesterday, arriving home around 10:30 so I'm getting pretty tired at this point.
I had a wonderful trip. My niece's wedding which was held outdoors in the country was beautiful, as was she. Here she is with her dad.

Even though it looked like it might rain any minute, it held off until later in the night.

I spent sometime with family in Oakville the next day and then made my way to London with my aunt where I stayed for a few days. My aunt Sandy is also a quilter so she not only took me shopping, but we also made the rounds of fabric stores and one very nice quilt shop called The Marsh Store Quilt Shop just north of London.
The owner had a nice selection and variety of fabrics. I was very excited to say the least!
Here is a sample of what I purchased. Of course, I had made sure when I packed for my trip that I left some space to bring home some fabric.

I don't normally buy collections, randomly choosing fabrics for certain projects or to add to my stash just because I like them.

There were a few more but I've already got them in the wash. Also, I picked up a few specialty fabrics from Fabricland.
Here's one final photo that I meant to add above. It's just so pretty I had to put it in. My I Pad App doesn't seem to let me insert photos where I want. They have to be added as I go.

I won't have much to show again until later next week as I'll be busy on the weekend and monday I'm going up to a cabin for a couple of days with a friend. We are taking our quilting projects.


beth said...

What a GREAT trip! Wedding and fabric too! ;)

Exuberant Color said...

it sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad you made time for fabric shopping too.

Wendy said...

You and your brother look alike, well except for the beard and moustache that is. (Grin)
Lovely bride! Fabrics are definitely you!
Going to a cabin in the woods for quilting? I am jealous!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice to have you back Holly!! Beautiful niece...and some nice fabric