Thursday, September 19, 2013

More thread painting

It's a perfect sunny fall day today. The kind where it's warm but comfortable and one can do a few garden chores without working up too much of a sweat. I like to do my household chores and bits of garden clean up in the morning so I can get to my sewing after lunch. I've got most of my tomatoes in now, the beans are done, but there's still lots of Swiss chard and carrots.
First of all, I want to show a couple of my natural dyed pieces. The first is a T-shirt that I will be wearing as a pyjama top.

The color is a little deeper than it appears. I love how well some of the leaves printed!
I did a pair of good quality percale pillowcases and I'm pretty pleased with them too.

Look closely for the leaf patterns!
I also did two silk scarves. I used some leaves on them too, but I also did a row of tied pebbles at each end which resulted in small subtle circles. My plan for the scarves is to add some additional paint designs to them to 'glam' them up a bit-- perhaps a little gold fabric paint. First though, the pieces need to be washed and I'm really hoping the color will hold.

I spent another hour or so adding more thread painting to my island piece. It measures 8 1/2 by 10 1/2".
I've added more to the background--water lines, reflections, sand, etc and I've added darks to the foreground. That's it for my shoulders today.
I need a few more light grasses and pebbles in the front and then finally, yes, the flowers!

I've got some rippling even though I used a heavy weight interfacing but I think when I add the borders and the batting and quilt it some, it will be OK. I'm seeing some amongst the grasses in the forefront as well.
Finally, it occurred to me yesterday while going through my closet that I should haul out a quilt that I've had on the go for years! The mariners compass in the center was all hand pieced although the rest was machine pieced. A lot of the quilting is by hand. It's 3/4 done, so I've decided to work on it in the late afternoons when I stop my machine sewing to make tea and take a break before dinner. I'm almost out to the outside border. I've shown the whole quilt in the past and promise to show it again as I go along.
Boy, I've had lots to say today!
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