Monday, September 16, 2013

Indian island

I got all my necessary sewing cleared up on the weekend, so I could get into the fun stuff today. The first thing I did was to snip a jagged edge all along the grasses that are in the forefront. Once satisfied I ironed all the fusible backed pieces down.
Then the fun part began with the free motion stitching. I've only just begun! Every time I get into one of these, I realize that I do not have near enough to a suitable range of shades in my threads.

I've done the stitching on the sliver of land in the background and just started on the island. I've got to make do with the thread I've got because the only place to shop would be a couple of hours away.

I'm making a list for my next trip.
Another little project that I'm doing is a block for our out going president at our guild. At the end of their term they get to choose a block which each guild member may do. Elise chose a 9 1/2" to 12 1/2" block with any type of leaf or leaves on it. She provided the brown fabric. Of course, I would have chosen something much brighter, but I've gotten around that by using a bright pink for my leaves!

I do have a photo that I took last fall that proves they really were this color! I will add the veins, shading and highlights with thread.
While I'm working on these two projects, I've also got some natural dye (cochineal) steeping and plan to get into adding some fabric to that tomorrow.
For now, I'm taking a snack break before its time to start dinner -- breaded haddock filets and sliced roasted eggplant and tomatoes.

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