Monday, April 8, 2013

Thinking spring

Here I am again wrapped up in a blanket on my sofa wishing for nicer weather, better health and thinking about lots of creative things to do.
I got an email notice of the new DVD by my blogging friend Margaret Applin from Scrap Wisdom Collage and I immediately downloaded it from here. With the cost of shipping today, the download is about half the price.
I've watched about half of it so far and it is fantastic! I'm pretty familiar with using a lot of her mediums and techniques but boy there was still lots of new stuff that I had not seen nor thought if and lots of inspiration! I highly recommend it for beginners or advanced artists. Lots of fodder to draw from and inspire you to create your own personal images. This is money well spent!

My sore throat and cough have actually been daily getting worse. It's been a week! I went to the clinic this morning but it was so full I left. I know what the doctor would have told me anyway. I guess i just wanted confirmation that my dosing was OK with my Addison's. I bought more cough medicine and came home.
I'm itching to paint and print some more but that's getting too physical for me right now, so I sat down at my sewing machine and thread painted on one of my tulip designs.

I added a quick 1 inch border to see how I liked it.

It's pretty plain and simple. I want to play more than this but sitting at the machine is what I can do right now.
I did lay it out with a small swatch of orange polka dot and the other un- worked prints just to see if a larger piece might be an idea.

Margaret's DVD has given me lots of ideas for new work. Now I just have to get better. I can see I wil have to get out the fun foam for more stamp making though. I can do that sitting down.
It's bright and cheerful anyway and helped me pass the time and forget about my sore throat. Funny how art can captivate us mentally and physically like that.


elle said...

I think I'd rather have a 'hard' copy as I'm never sure I can find my downloads on my 'puter! lol Can't wait though! Luv that tulip with the black and white border.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Hey Holly- Hope you are feeling better soon! This weather sure doesn’t help, does it? I meant to congrat you on your latest article in QA - really enjoyed it! And I love your tulips - that border is great....looks like a great opportunity for some coloring.

Margaret Applin said...

Thanks so much, Holly!!! I really like the black and white border!!!!