Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunny days

The last few days have been so beautiful that we've just wanted to be outside all the time. My husband helped me get the front yard raked and get the gardens spread with mulch. My gardens at the back are still frozen so those will wait.
Today, after getting some housework done and meeting friends for coffee, I did a sewing repair to a blouse and finished up my zippered bag.

Then I got out my fabric paints and added some lighter color to areas that were previously printed with paint for more contrast.

For supper, I made what I'm calling a Southwest pot pie. It's basically a vegetarian stew with corn and black beans added and a cornbread crust topping. The stew I created myself; the crust, I found on line.
I was so anxious to eat that I missed taking the shot of the dished up stew!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work:)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

nice work....and the pie looks delicious!
I raked quite a bit today too; so beautiful out!

Robbie said...

I'm coming to your house! Fabric, painting and great looking food!

Gill said...

I'll tag along with Robbie!
Great pouch Holly!