Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skipping threads

I was suffering from the dreaded skipping of stitches while trying to free motion the chickadee this afternoon. My plan was to quilt it, bind it and move on.
In order to find the right color, I tried out a couple of different threads. When it skipped large stitches, I picked it out, changed needles and tried it on a sample piece. As soon as I sped up, it skipped, so I changed bobbin thread. Then I changed the top thread and the needle. You can feel the frustration can't you?

So, I finally got it fixed by going back to my Gutterman thread with my usual needle and it is working. The piece is only slightly larger than 8 by 10.
After all that I needed a break to distress for heaven's sake! So I'm having my snack and a cup of tea.
I did just receive some fun news though from the Sew Sisters fabric shop that is hosting the Blogathon next week. Since I chose to have fabric that would do for my chickadee pattern and it is quite small, they have suggested that I have 5 winners!!! Isn't that fun! So check back with me on November 20th and check out the other blogs participating as well. The button is on the right.


Gill said...

Re skipping stitches- I'm never sure what to alter, thread/needle??
Your chickadee is looking gorgeous!

elle said...

The swirls are a very lovely background effect. Glad you are persevering! I'll definitely be hoping to be one of the five!!! lol

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

What machine do you have? Engaging the needle plate so that there's only a little hold for the needle... and having the FMQ foot as low as possible. That's what stops skipped stitches for me. Especially if you get them when turning quick curves. The needle is missing when it goes down. A low position foot and a darning plate help keep it all lined up properly.
but... you do this all the time. Why the change? Think it's thread??

(been there, hated that)