Wednesday, November 21, 2012

birchy things

Ist sat down with a cup of chai spice tea and ginger snaps to write this post. This morning I did my swim, had a lovely lunch at my swimming buddy's, and then I stitched together some Christmas color fabric to make a table runner. I'm still cutting out snowflakes to be appliqued so I'll post that tomorrow.
I want to show you a couple of photos from my trail walk yesterday. Every time I wonder if I should carry the camera, I find some new beautiful detail or a view and a color that catches my eye.
Yesterday, while taking this photo of birch trees (I wonder how many of  them I have?), I noticed an exquisite little bird's nest.
I've never seen one made with birch bark before. Isn't it beautiful?

 Of course I couldn't resist photographing more chickadees even though I told myself I don't need them!

Some of you might remember the last birch piece I was working on with all the machine quilting. Well, I had really gotten into free motioning some maple leaves as an accent, but before I knew it I had covered up too much of the birches. I really wasn't happy with it but didn't want to waste it so for the last few weeks, I've been meticulously picking it out, an activity I could only do by day.

I got it all out and carefully redid a bit of red here and there. I'm happy now. Thanks Wendy for affirming what I knew was best! I've started adding a bit of hand embroidered leaves to it. I think that's just about it.
I'm connecting to the Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wednesday.
Also, I have a giveaway going on this week sponsored by Sew Sisters quilt shop. You'll find details in yesterdays post.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Never tire of you pictures Holly

Carrie P. said...

that is so neat that you have a chickadee eating from your hand. I am going to have to try that. I just got the pattern for the chickadee too so you don't have to email it to me. thanks for sharing.

elle said...

Your nature stuff is marvelous, Holly. Funky nest!

Swedish Scrapper said...

I was going to comment on the beautiful blue light with the nest and trees, and then I noticed how nicely you captured it in your birch quilt--truly lovely!

Kaynik said...

WOW I can't believe that chickadee eating from your hand!
I love chickadees and see them here all the time, but I've never had one come close to me.
Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Kay Lemieux
Sudbury, ON

Claudia LeBlanc said...

There can never be enough chickadees out there for me. I have a piece of cedar with partial holes that I fill with bird seeds held together with peanut butter. They come and love it including a few woodpeckers. The feeder hangs on the corner from my garage so I can watch them from my kitchen window.
It's always so nice to see your work up and personal at our UFOs. Hope to see you next Saturday.
Claudia L

Claudia LeBlanc said...

Holly, I meant Saturday next week. Lol...
Claudia L

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the birds....I've been trying to get my chickadees to eat out of my hand but no luck yet. I trees are coming along. They look so real.