Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adding to the forest

My goal this afternoon was to add a piece to each side of my trees, but it proved to be too much.

In the photo above, I've sewn four strips together before adding a cut and a 'v' of the black fabric for the top branch.
Next I added a short strip to the top left to make up for the bend you get when the branch is inserted.
After that, I sewed a fifth strip to the right side and made another cut for the second branch.

Following the same process I added a third branch, trimmed it all and sewed it to the central tree.
The left side will wait for another day.
It is a cold, windy and wet day here today. Add to that our recent time change, and we've got quite a dismal afternoon. I had hoped to sit by the window to do a little more picking out of stitches on one of my pieces, but it's too dark.
I'm 'cosied' up with a cup of tea at least. I've got to go put my squash in the oven to bake so I can take it out and re- stuff it for supper.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

looks good have a great imagination for this. It is cold and wet here too. I was in Moncton this morning; finished my Christmas shopping. I can hibernate now!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

What an interesting process - this looks so fantastic!