Friday, November 23, 2012


I didn't get much creative time today; did errands and had lunch with friends. Then as it was exceptionally mild and sunny, I took a walk down the trail, feeding some chickadees along the way. There was one I was able to identify by a little white spot on its head that followed me down and back. It seemed a little more brazen than the others too, staying for a bit to eye me and peep at me. Now I'm curious to see if the same one will be around next time.

I started some quick chickadee sketches and a small watercolor yesterday but did not get back to finish it today. It needs a few touch ups and a little darkening in the background to make it show up better.
It's promising to continue to be decent weather and my son and his girlfriend are arriving tonight so I think it'll be a nice weekend.


Tracey Fletcher King said...

There's the chickadee... he looks delightful... not like he gave you trouble at all... have a great weekend...xx

nhager said...

Your Chickadee's are cute. Just visited you site for the first time, but enjoyed reading it. I'll visit again. I have already added it to my reading list. Nancy