Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zippered bag

I sewed the binding on my birches piece this morning. I'll take a final picture once I finish hand sewing it down.

As I often do when I'm not sure what I'll do next, I cleaned and organized my space. This piece has been tacked on my wall for a while. I wasn't happy with it, but I remembered what a loose outline in black stitching could do for a piece. So, why not? I wasn't going to finish it as it was.

Then I found a tutorial on line for a zippered bag.

I sewed on a piece of coordinating fabric for the back, sandwiched it, added lining and free motion quilted it. I actually used the black stitching as the quilting. The back is meandered.

Here you see it inside out with the zipper added . It is waiting to be stitched down the sides.

I always like what a loose line of black free motion stitching can do for a sort of blah design.

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