Monday, August 20, 2012

15 minutes of sewing, another lavender sachet

Yesterday, I printed some of my fiber art pieces onto printer fabric sheets in two different sizes.

I didn't have much sewing time today, but I did sit down long enough to stitch up a sample of a lavender sachet. The one I showed the other day was made from a piece of fiber art and a bit labor intensive to sell.
Sorry, I forgot to turn the photo during editing. I don't know how to remove it from this program I'm using for the I pad; I must look into it.
These I can make more of and sell for a better price. The one shown above is about 3 by 4 inches. I've even attached one of my little tags.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You've been busy Holly...I checked things out below too..posts I missed somehow. Very very nice pieces. The tags...thread sketching...and the quilting on the mug rug is fantastic!!!!

rtquilter said...

Are you doing your blog posts on your iPad?,if so, what is the programme you are using? I have to post from my laptop so far. Nice copy work. I am printing on fabric right now too. Fun!