Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm sure you're all sick of seeing the birches. I'm almost done, I promise. I've finished all the free motion work and almost finished the hand embellishing.

I thought I would try a binding with an accent color. Following some comments, I chose a lighter binding for the main color and a gold accent color. I don't think it works. Maybe I'll go back to one of the blacks. If I want to keep the gold, I'll have to snip it all off, as that's all I had.
Or, I could more easily switch it so the gold is on the outside. Decisions, decisions.

This binding with an accent is something I recently learned. As you can see in the photo, two colors are stitched together, one is cut at 1 3/4 inches and the second one is cut at 1 3/8, depending on which one you where. Once they're sewn right sides together, you fold it and iron it wrong sides together just like a regular binding.
It needs to be sewn to the back of the quilt and wrapped to the front so that the accent color shows next to the quilt. The idea is to stitch in the ditch. I'm not very good at that so I'm not sure if I'll stitch it by hand. I have a friend with a foot for stitching in the ditch which I may borrow.

This morning I went to a craft sale at the waterfront where I picked up this concrete garden stone made in the shape of a rhubarb leaf. I plan to set it into the stone path near my back door.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

your birches are delightful...I think I agree with using a dark binding, though the gold is very pretty. Love the concrete leaf.

Exuberant Color said...

It's too bad we aren't neighbors. I have yards of that gold fabric if it is a KP kids by Kari Pearson print. I loved that pattern so much I bought it in the green and fushsia too.
My neighbor makes bird baths for the ground with rhubarb leaves as her pattern and she gave me one this year. It is a challenge to lift the end to dump the dirty water out when I want to refill it.

elle said...

I don't know. I like the bit of gold and the light binding. Cool way to do it. I do like those big cement leaves. I have one and thought I'd try to make one but that isn't going to happen. ha!