Monday, August 27, 2012


I got the quilting on the baby quilt all removed and today I ironed the pieces and made sure all the little threads were picked out.
I've gotten about a quarter re quilted with a meandering stitch. I think that is better than straight lines as it doesn't highlight any imperfect seams that a beginner might make.

Last night I was doing some doodles trying to come up with some ideas for a screen that I want to get made by Margaret Applin of Applin Designs.

I plan to do one quadrant and then using Photoshop, I will have Margaret make a repeating tile design for a screen.

I think I like the one on the left in the last picture. With some more doodling it may completely change.
Also, after doing a couple I looked up Moorish designs on the net and got lots of ideas.


elle said...

Wow, that's so cool about designing your own screen. I haven't thought that far ahead yet. I'm off to meander about the grass!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Yes Holly; the meandering looks fantastic!! I love your sketching.