Wednesday, August 15, 2012

finished zippered pouch

This morning, I did my habitual Wednesday swim, did an errand, and ate lunch with a friend. Once home this afternoon, I put  the finishing touches on the zippered pouch.
There is a little grab tab on one side.
I think it's a fun way to use up some unfinished art pieces. This way it's a useful item with a bit of art on it.
When I was sewing yesterday with my window open to the breeze, there was so much bird song and activity in the yard and at the birdbath, that I had to keep stopping to take pictures. If you're not a bird lover, you could skip the rest of the post.
First there was a female woodpecker.
A family of grackles came along, the parents first. When the babies got demanding, the parents left them to themselves.

I swear this same robin came several times. And, it splashed about at first but then it just sat in the water for a while. I wonder if the heat affects them too.
This flicker was in the bird bath too at one time but I was only able to get it afterwards. Notice the robin? A few seconds later, It was chased away by the flicker.
No wonder I don't get a lot done! I'm too busy getting distracted by the birds and running from window to window to get pictures.


elle said...

Nice pouch. A whole flock of grackles descended and stripped the chokecherry shrubs of all the berries.

Margaret Applin said...

The pouch came out great!!! One of my favorite things to do is open the windows and listen to the birds. I don't think I will be hearing many from my new location :(

greelyrita said...

Hey! We have the exact same bird bath. Not like it's terribly unusual but still... I let a lot of things go but I do keep my bird bath clean and filled. And the birds do love it. We have a robin who thinks it belongs to him alone. They must be clean-obsessed birds, I think sometimes. Now my cats go there to get a drink too. I go to a lot of trouble to make sure they have fresh water and then they go to drink bird poo-ey soup. Ick. They're all crazy, aren't they? Why poo in your drinking water??

greelyrita said...

Love that pouch, btw!!