Thursday, July 19, 2012

a day in paradise

Yesterday, I visited a friend at her summer place an hours drive from here. They like to refer to it as paradise and it's not hard to see why. Situated at the mouth of a river, the view is spectacular and the breezes refreshing. Their little place is cozy and private. Surrounded by trees, especially the poplars, we could hear the rustling from the room with a view where we sewed. That is a wooden heron by the way, but you can often spy the live ones along the shore.
This is the view from Wendy's sewing machine. It's a wonder she can sew a straight seam!
 Despite the beautiful distractions, I did get the binding sewn on this quilt and then I was able to sit quietly and do some hand stitching.
 Wendy was making granny square blocks to use in a sewing machine cover.
Wendy is also a wonderful decorator, inside and out. This is the front of the garage which was converted into extra space and which houses the sewing room.
 I love the bird baths that she builds from yard sale glass items and puts together with exterior caulking. I'm collecting pieces to try one myself. The top of this one is the glass part of a light fixture.
 The other thing I did last night after the urging of a blogger, was to enter my latest hummingbird postcard into the weekly contest at the  Quilting Gallery. Voting starts Friday morning and runs until Monday, so if you have the time I'd love it if you'd go vote.


pembrokeshire lass said...

Loads of great ideas! Best of all what a lovely peaceful place to sew or knit ...or just sit!! Joan

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Great birdbath! What a super idea for all the vases that seem to collect. I may have try making one myself.

Gill said...

What a beautiful spot! I'd love to have that view from my sewing machine!

elle said...

Paradise indeed. What a cool birdbath!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the kind words Holly. It was a very enjoyable day and we really should do it again.

imquilternity said...

Yes, I agree, that is definitely paradise. Such a lovely property...your friend is very lucky indeed.