Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birch forest

My husband is doing a bit of painting this morning and we're shortly going to get ready to go to the beach. We may take the kayaks out.

I've been working a bit on the birches. I added some brown branches here and there, and then I stitched in a few clumps of red dogwoods in the foreground. I started with a heavy thread in the bobbin but then wasn't sure if I liked it. The one on the right I did with heavier thread and to the left, a regular thread.

These are both done using the heavier thread. I'm leaning towards the lighter one, but will look at it with a fresh eye to be sure.


elle said...

Yup, I'm leaning to the lighter one. ;^) This is Sew very lovely. My favourite of anything you've done!!!

Exuberant Color said...

I guess it just depends on how prominent you want them to be. they both look good.

Sue W. said...

It's lovely Holly. I like the lighter stitching. looking forward to seeing it in person.

imquilternity said...

Very, very nice. I actually like both of them and think they add dimension.