Monday, July 9, 2012

a chickadee playing in my fountain

I don't have much to show even though my quilts have been sent off to the quilter. The weather was too nice on the weekend to justify staying in to sew. Well, I would clarify that. It was quite lovely on Saturday, but much too hot and muggy for me. We visited a new market in Beresford on Saturday morning and walked at the beach. By afternoon, it was too hot and sticky for me to do anything really.
Yesterday proved to be a much nicer day with fresh air and a cooling breeze. My husband helped me get a little housework done and then we golfed later in the afternoon. While making lunch, this little fellow/lady (I don't know how to tell the sex of chickadees) arrived at my fountain. One comes everyday; I'm assuming it's the same one. Often, he bathes in the little bowls when the fountain is not running. This time as you may notice it was.
 He contemplated it for a while and finally jumped in.

As for sewing, I did manage to grab a few minutes to sew up the second pillowcase. Another, UFO done!
Now, i must pack up to go to Chal Baie to do my few volunteer hours. Have a great Monday!


elle said...

It's a great Monday!

Wendy said...

Ahh. How cute!

imquilternity said...

Yay for the UFO completed!! I love that little cute is that!