Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a book review

A few weeks ago I received a book called The World of Fairy, courtesy of Ty Hulse, and in return I promised to write a review. Check her website with lots of facts, pictures and information here.
While it is not the usual type of book I might purchase, such as a fiber art book or perhaps a 'how to' art book, it was none the less quite interesting. The book is filled with lovely loose sketches and airy paintings taken from the artist's sketchbook and depicting all manner of fairies. These are accompanied by some assorted facts and histories and stories about all sorts of fairies from all over the world.

Though we generally tend to think of fairies as  friendly, ethereal, little beings that may even grant a wish, it has not always been so. On the contrary some were impish, naughty, downright nasty and even menacing. For example, you might read about the fairies of dead trees that it was believed could haunt a house.

 The belief in fairies goes back in history to pagan times and the stories and myths vary greatly across the world. The artist depicts them in ethereal watercolors and loose sketches that are very apt for their other worldly existence.

I would see this as a great coffee table book. It is written in such a way that you could browse through the pictures and flip to almost any page to read a tidbit about a particular type of fairy.

Although it is nice to pick it up and be able to jump in anywhere, I could have used a bit more organization,  I did find myself flipping from time to time to see if I could match the information with the drawings. Also, since I'm somewhat ADD, I would have found it helpful if it had been arranged perhaps with headings or chapters.

If you're interested in the world of fairies, her blog is quite beautiful.

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elle said...

Interesting timing as I am thinking that creativity should include things we don't normally look at.