Saturday, July 14, 2012

coloring books and postcards

Finally we got a little respite from the heat with some rain last night and mist off and on today. It is cooler, although somewhat muggy. So yeah, I get to do some creating inside today!
Last post, I mentioned making journals/coloring books for kids to sell at the local craft shop. They are a little hand written book for children with half finished pictures, prompts and a little crafting thrown in. The pictures and bits of info have a summertime theme along with a few tidbits about the local area. hey would be good for tourists or local children. I've put some in clear plastic bags and added colored pencils and crafting bits to work with.
 Once I finished that little project, I got back to some textile work today, doing some black thread sketching on two fabric postcards. Then I touched up the color with Neocolor II crayons and Inktense pencils. I will let them cure overnight, iron them to heat set them and add borders. Before adding borders to the daisy one, I will do some French knots. And, I will add some iridescent paint stick to the hummingbird. The borders will all the difference; they come alive when you add the right one.
 Oh darn, I can see the sun is trying to come out. I almost wish for another rainy day so I can stay inside. I know it doesn't sound good wishing for rain. We really did need it though and it's been too warm for me to get anything done. If it's sunny tomorrow, we'll probably golf, but not until later afternoon at least.


pembrokeshire lass said...

What a good idea! Mum's are always looking for something to keep kids interested for a little while...whether it's when she meets her friends for coffe or...well anything! I like the cards too. Our wet weather here would have suited you quite well then? Joan

elle said...

yes, a great idea for the kiddies, Holly. I can believe that the borders really add to the whole. I could use some rain myself! lol

Margaret Applin said...

Fantastic idea, Holly!!! Love the thread sketching too!!!