Thursday, June 7, 2012

sunshine and hand embellishing

The sun came out today and it was very welcome. I potted up some plants for my front step and the deck. After all those rainy days the black flies were out in swarms. I had to come in to get the bug spray. Gord wants to go hit balls to-night but I won't be going. I don't like it when the flies are thick. Probably I'll go for a little walk in our subdivision instead.
 I made a quick bookmark yesterday as a little gift for a friend.
Also, today, I was in the craft shop, Chal Baie, at the waterfront and I took a couple of pictures of my stuff. I should have taken another one because we rearranged and added a couple more things afterwards--my runner for one.
 My quilts and an afghan are together on a quilt rack.
I took a supply of perle cotton, beads and fibers and worked on my castle while I was there.
 Adding all the final embellishing is my favorite part and really gives it life it think. I've a bit more to do on this.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

HOw nice for you Holly....everything looks wonderful. The sun finally came out here this afternoon. I debated whether or not to mow; but decided to wait til tomorrow(it better not rain)!!!

elle said...

Yes, the embellishing does add lots. Everything looks good, well, I guess the flies don't! ;^)

Gill said...

You have sun??? Here in the UK it's rained all day and it's cold and windy as well!
Your castle is looking good - I look forward to seeing more!

Margaret Applin said...

Holly, I'm totally loving the background fabric you chose for your castle art quilt!!!