Sunday, June 10, 2012

staying creative on a lonely sunday

I lazed about in bed this morning after saying good bye to my husband at 5 AM when he left for Labrador City to work for the week. It is my first time being alone at night in years and it's definitely different that I'm not working. Also, today is Sunday when I'm used to him being around. On the bright side I don't have to worry about meals! I'm a little worried about being lazy! Have you ever noticed that when you have precious little time off, that it is an impetus to get more done?
 After completing the crossword puzzle with my tea, I did make a batch of my favorite granola this morning though. It is nutty and fibrous with just a touch of sweetness. A lover of crunchiness, a sprinkle adds just the right touch on my fruit and plain yogurt at breakfast.

Yesterday, I added the black stitching to my runner to finish it up. I liked all the various greens on the linen and I love the sketchy look of the black thread. However, in my predominantly beige living room, it doesn't add enough color. I've decide that some brighter cushions are needed and was tempted to start them right away. I'm going to be good though and finish some other projects first.
I will make the small draw for my hand pieced stars to-night and let you know the winner tomorrow. My husband isn't here to do the picking so I hope you'll trust me!


elle said...

Yum, and then YUM! The crunch on the yogurt sounds good. But I am really liking that runner. Great job!

Wendy said...

Good job on the runner Holly, My plans for the week have changed now...hoping to get to a bunch of projects too

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

I've always intended to make my own granola! Add it to the 'to-do' list! Sounds great. Love the runner, and especially the black sketchy thread look, Holly. Enjoy your week 'off' and sew, sew, sew!

imquilternity said...

You have "you" time for a whole week? Oh, that sounds like heaven! I love granola too, but have never made my own. I'll have to try it - you are inspiring! I love your beautiful runner...those leaves are just beautiful.