Monday, June 11, 2012

creative sunday

I had quite a lovely and busy day yesterday. I can survive on my own! My husband made it to Labrador City and we talked for a few minutes as he was exhausted. It was a 17 hour trip by road and ferry.
I've finally realized that when I have my machine set up for free motion, it is much more productive to work on a few things with common colors at once. I did some outlining on both hummingbirds. There are a couple of things I want to change on the birds and I will be adding more paint again too. I really like how the flowers turned out.
 I used Timtex this time and it seems to have given them some puffy dimension.
 I  added 5 little bubbles cut from Angelina fibers to the castle piece.

Around 2pm I took time out to have my walk and was able to sit on my deck swing with my tea and snack afterwards. There was a lovely breeze and not a fly to be seen. For supper, I pulled a homemade  lentil burger from my freezer, warmed it and added cheese, lettuce, tomato and rhubarb chutney. I let it get a little too brown but it was still delicious.
 I also made the draw for my hand pieced star runner last night. I will be mailing it soon and will look for some updates on progress to show you . I'm actually excited to see what will become of it and how Linda will finish it.


Gill said...

I love your little hummingbirds!
Congratulations to Linda!

Grandma Coco said...

I like the puffiness with the Timtex. Your lentil burger looks delicious, too. Do you ever share the recipe?

Linda said...

So excited to win your sweet handpieced runner . It will be fun to finish it up. My kitchen table needs something new. Thanks so much.
I love your FMQ!

Margaret Applin said...

Holly, I bet those flowers are hand-drawn! I love them!!!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Your little birds are coming along nicely, and I like the Timtex look, too.