Sunday, June 3, 2012

no rain yet-- some gardening, some sewing

I was looking forward to some rainy day studio time today but the weather changed a bit. It is cloudy, windy and just a bit damp, perfect for doing some gardening. After our leisurely breakfast over the paper, we went outside and tackled the garden that runs against the back fence. It would probably have taken me weeks but with Gord's help, we finished weeding and mulching. I get to look at it from my deck, kitchen window and studio window.
I found this moss(lichen?) on a piece of wood behind the garden. I need to look for a good reference book; I love to know the names of everything! This one looks like little bowls.
 I love the little bits of bright red.
 After lunch, (and two tylenol for arthritis) I finally got to some sewing. I got the first two horizontal rows sewn together on my quilt, which went pretty well, and I gave myself permission to do something fun. There are 7 rows, 6 seams, now 5. Yeah!
 This is a runner that I want for my own coffee table. I plan to free motion stitch down the leaves and outline the vines. I don't want to use interfacing because it is too stiff but I will need something. Perhaps I shall have to go looking for a softer interfacing and enough fabric to back it. I don't think I want batting in it, but I need some kind of support for the free motion work. The background fabric is linen. I hope I can find something in town.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

What about a soft interfacing and muslin?

imquilternity said...

What about flannel? I've been using it in my current project and it's just perfect. Not too heavy and not too light. Just pre-shrink it if you don't want a lot of shrinkage in the finished runner.

Margaret Applin said...

Try using the fusible interfacing that is meant for wearables. It has a soft and drapey hand even after fusing. Comes in off white and black. That looks like the beginning of an awesome table runner!!!

elle said...

Isn't nature interesting! The runner will be fantastic. I was thinking flannelette but the softer fusible interfacing sound even better.

Wendy said...

Mr. O and spent time in the yard yesterday afternoon too. Just enough wind to keep the bugs away...perfect. Pulling weeds and roots, trimming, and general cleaning up. I think a "flannel" batting or a light weight interfacing is just what you might need for your runner. Love your mossy photos!