Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still hot and humid

I bicycled to the  Auberge this morning to do my swim in their salt water pool. I finally measured the distance. that I swim. I can do just over 600 meters. after that I do some water size exercises and then use the sauna. It's great--even as good a getting a massage.
then I came home and had lunch, a short nap and got to work on this little hanging.. You'll remember it as one of my prints. I backed it with interfacing, bordered it, and started to thread paint. Then I put the batting onto it and started quilting. also, I've added some bits of scrap cottons and silk. Once I finish quilting the top half I want to start hand embroidering with perle cottons and some silk ribbons for the sea weed.

Here is a detail:

I sketched this little sea horse and made a stamp. I want to try it on one of the other prints that I did. It also has a seashell, but less prominent and I felt it needed something.

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Wendy said...

very pretty Holly!. Sounds like you are starting to feel much better too.