Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot and Humid and More Kayaking

I didn't do very much that was sewing related today; it was too warm. Also, after finishing the housework, I went to visit a friend who lives at the beach for a bit this morning. There were small breakers which provided a wonderful background to the conversation, the water was a beautiful green color, and the salt water breeze was lovely.
This afternoon, I put the finishing touches on the sewing machine cover and did a couple sewing repairs.
It has not been a great week craft wise. Yesterday I cast off the sweater and discovered that it is really way too big, or was I should say, as I unraveled the whole thing while at the beach this morning.. At this point I think I will look for a child's sweater or something smaller to knit with the cotton.
Next, I finished the oven mitts. Would you believe that I actually got a blister form trimming the seams? I persevered and got them finished, only to discover that I sewed one of the tabs onto the wrong side of the mitt. I might fix it someday.
To-night we ate sandwiches of roasted vegetables and homemade hummus on a homemade rye bread that I took form the freezer. Yum! Then we went kayaking downtown. Here are a few pictures of our little waterfront.

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