Monday, July 12, 2010


I had another go at the seahorses today with a little bit of Setacolor fabric paint. I used my pressed seaweed. It didn't work all that well but I think it  will be just enough once I add the thread. My next step will be to thread paint a little and then sandwich it. I'm not sure if the one with the seashell needs more or not. I may put some thread painting in front of it to obscure it a little more. The one on the left is only 4 by 6 inches and the one on the right is actually about 8 by 10.

Whew, I just checked the outside temperature and it's 27.1C and very humid. coincidentally, it's was also exactly 27.1C in the house. Hopefully it will start to cool soon. At least I have air conditioning in the bedroom.
I actually biked to the grocery store to-night for a few things. It's no great feat though as it only takes about 8 minutes each way.

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