Monday, July 19, 2010

Mount Carlton

We just  got back from our quick 2 nights at Mount Carlton this afternoon. It was lovely there, but definitely much warmer  here in town. The weather there was great, although a little unsettled yesterday, so I didn't get my usual sketching done. We were kayaking for about 3 hours on the lake yesterday, and it rained twice. It was a warm rain though, that came in suddenly and then passed. Both times we sheltered under the shoreline trees and then kept going. We ate lunch and swam on a small island, but I had no time to draw as the clouds were coming our way again.
The camping there is wilderness camping to us because there are no electric sites. We kind of get spoiled with them, but really it's not so difficult without. Last year it was very cold there and we needed heat; this year we didn't. We plan to go later in August, and we have a solar panel that we will take to charge our battery in case we need the heat then.
We unloaded as soon as we got in, but hubby and I were both so exhausted we flaked out. I had a nice bath since I was swimming in the lake in lieu of a shower.
I did one sketch last night at our campsite which I still have to finish up. I used watercolor pencils and need to add the water to them. Perhaps, I'll show it later.
Here are a few pictures of our campsite , a lake vista and one of the falls that is a short hike. And, on the way to the falls  On the walk to the fall, I took one picture of a tree with it's roots growing around a rock.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like a great couple of days. I wonder how many pictures have been taken of that tree..I have some too.