Sunday, October 11, 2009


As you will come to see, I have a fascination with trees. It seems that a lot of artists do; it almost seems cliche, but I just can't help it. There are just so many variations in size, texture and color it is hard not to be entranced, and I seem to be attracted to silhouettes and lines, and of course that is exactly what trees are design wise. The following is a picture of the birch tree in my back yard. I have spent a lot of my time admiring this tree through all the seasons. On a hot summer's day I have listened to the leaves rustling in the breeze and stared at it for many hours while lolling on the swing on my deck, but it was particularly spellbinding in the sunlight to-night with it's few golden leaves lit up against the backdrop of the gray clouds.
I had hoped to get a little more done this weekend, but then that's life isn't it? It just happens sometimes. I ended up with a minor but very painful medical condition towards the end of my conference and yesterdayI had to make a visit to the local ER for a small surgery. For anyone who has ever suffered with thrombosed hemorrhoids you'll know of what I write. I've been trying to keep my mind off the pain by keeping busy in between sitz baths and ice packs.
So, I did start to carve my lino cut of an interesting tree shape that I have seen while traveling up a local ski hill on the chair lift. It is my first time working with this; in the past I have done some carving with the rubber blocks which I can now say are much easier. I think once I catch on to it, it will get better. All I did so far was to outline the shape, and I must go back in and make it deeper and then decide how much more to carve out. I was anxious though to see how it would look so I did a crayon rubbing on paper. I think you can just barely see the lines in the picture.

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