Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Book Review

I haven't touched my sewing machine since the weekend; it is hard sometimes to get anything done after working all day. To-night my husband and I went to yoga and had a later dinner. I won't be sewing, so I thought I'd give a bit more of a review on one of the books I mentioned a few weeks ago, as I have now read most of it. It is called Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. It would be perhaps, a pretty basic book for anyone who is already creatively journaling, but I really enjoyed it. The journal beside it one I did while watching TV.
I do writing journals most days with my adult students, so I have a little experience with the 'free writing' process. I noted one of the author's references was a book that I also read by Nathalie Goldberg called Writing Down the Bones which is a great book too for ideas on how to get started with journal writing.
In Journal Spilling there are lots of basic methods for coloring and texturing paper and lots of ideas and prompts to spark ideas. I especially liked the section on the inner critic. It really resonated with me. the book just inspires me to keep doodling and journaling and wotking towards developing artistically and with my own style. some would say I have a style, I'm just not sure of it yet.

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