Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink Trees

It's been a lovely week end, but not so much for sewing. Sometimes I just have to set priorities, and fresh air and exercise are my first priorities. I usually try to have my camera or my sketchbook with me though so I can get a little creative time in. Yesterday we were invited to a friend's camp for dinner , and even though it was cold and wet, we went for a walk, and then had dinner by the wood stove. Who could ask for better? The picture below is one I took on the road into the camp. It was our first snow.
The next picture is of a very quick sort of sketch that I did to try some sample colors for when I start to print my tree designs onto my fabric. I like the colors, but I want to try some with whites or grays as well. I'm aiming for the colors you see in the woods this time of year, and also the colors on the chickadee - black, beige and gray. In the woods where there are still some leaves clinging to the trees, so you get some patches golds and mossy greens against the grays and browns. These are my favorite color combination's right now!
I did the sketch by rubbing a brown oil pastel over a tree relief and then adding watercolor and black china marker.
The final photo is of the tree relief that I just redid. It is pink because I tried it twice with white school glue and it kept going too flat, so I finally pulled some old dimensional paint out and used that. I can't wait until it's dry enough to work with.

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Wendy said...

love the pink trees. Actually I have seen birches that color in a sunset...maybe not all over pink, but...very nice. Great job non the gold ones much depth!