Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today is the day of the 2009 Studio Tour. I am leaving in a few minutes for the weekend to visit with my daughter who is going to university in Fredericton, so I'm doing a quick version. as you can see I followed directions and I didn't even take the time to clean up!
I work in a combination sewing/computer/sitting room. I like having the little love seat by my window, so that I can sit with my hand sewing and watch the trees and the birds. That is where the idea for the name for my blog came from.
It is a very small room--something like 9x10 with a nook for the computer. I have a drafting table and desk in another room where I can do some messier stuff with paints and such.The little sofa even has a hide-a-bed in it for when all my children are home.

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Wendy said...

Well Holly I posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared, so I will try again. I love it! Especially that window overlooking the backyard. So cozy. I have not seen your room since all the changes; and if that is how your room looks "uncleaned up" you are not allowed to see mine! Hope you enjoyed your weekend.