Thursday, October 1, 2009

Off the wall

I managed to put the finishing touches on two of the small projects that were on my design wall, mostly because I've been home from work for the last couple days with a cold. I'm going tomorrow as I am feeling better. I just needed a couple of days on a double dose of my daily meds. Perhaps there is someone out there with the same thing -- I have an adrenal insufficiency --in other words my adrenal glands don't produce the hormone cortisone as they should and I must take it by mouth. It is not the greatest drug to have to take long term so it is always a juggling act.
I finished the little snowman wall hanging except for the string of Christmas lights that he is supposed to be holding. I do have some; they are packed away in the Christmas boxes somewhere.
The second photo is of the small hanging I did using a piece of fabric cut from a flour paste resist. I described the method in an earlier entry. I rather like the colors. It measures about 9 1/2 by 16 inches.

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