Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Isolation fatigue

It’s a short past today. Just checking in. I’m feeling fatigued and unmotivated this week for a few reasons, the weather is cold and we’ve even had snow, I’m having a neuropathy and inflammation flare up due to medication changes and I’m tired. I know, I’m hoping, it’s temporary.
I’ve been doing 30 mins of gardening a day  -mostly edging - and pulling up old plants and weeds and today I went for a nice walk along a part of the trail that is finally almost cleared of snow.

I haven’t been sleeping the best so I’m slow getting going in the morning. My husband is still working from home so I make his lunch and supper most days. That’s a job in itself. I’m thankful to have him here though.

Today, I got the binding machined stitched onto one of the baby quilts and it’s ready for the hand stitching.

I had it machine quilted with a pretty dragonfly pattern.

I also got the picture taken and submitted my donation to the SAQA 12” by 12” auction and I’ll send it off this week.

Slowly, slowly I’m making my way through quilts that were resting in drawers and boxes. It’s nit that I wasn’t doing anything. I just usually save traditional quilting for my guild sewing days and for retreats. My head has not been into any creative fiber art for the last week so it’s a good time to do some mindless sewing.
I like to put something to watch on my computer screen that sits on the counter next to my sewing machine. Besides the Last Homely House East of the Sea, I’ve been watching Miss Marple and some videos on Design Matters TV which I subscribe to.

I. Between knitting socks, I’m making headway on the sweater for my grandson, Ollie. It’s a chunky weight merino wool.

Things are starting to open up here. We remain fairly isolated here though as I probably will for some time.
Hope things are well wherever you are, readers. 
Take care.

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