Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Fireweed, knitting and the yard

When all this started I had a wild burst of nearly frantic creativity that went on for weeks. Then I slowed down and my inspiration died. Part of it I think is coming to terms with it all and realizing it’s not going away completely if ever and that the way we live will be changed. There’s that and then I had to change one of my arthritis meds which caused a major upset in my system. So, I’ve taken the time to be kind to myself and slow down, reading or knitting or sewing when and if feel like it.
Even though the yard is still dry and brown, some green is poking through, the buds are on the trees and there is only one little spot of snow at the back.  The garden against the fence is still frozen as are the compost bins. But it’s coming. And I’m sitting on the deck as I write this. 

Yesterday, I made up my mind to finally commit to the layout of my Gelli printed fireweed pieces. It’s been languishing for too long. I’m feeling generally uninspired but sometimes you just have to move ahead. So I ironed it down to the fusible batting and got it ready to stitch and I started after lunch today.

I’m a little out of my comfort zone. That’s what it has to be about sometimes if one wants to progress. I stitched along the edges of the pieces and started stitching some of the fireweed which you can see in the center.

I also did this little test piece where I painted and cut out the fireweed shape from fusible interfacing. 

I’d like to try it on the larger piece, only I’d have to use a darker pink. It would be a lot of cutting with the exact knife.

My new grandson continues to grow, as they do; he is 6 weeks old. We’re very anxious to see and hold him, at the same nervous to think about travelling there. It’s in a different province and about 4 hrs from here.

Thank goodness for my small yarn stash. I’ve finished knitting the size 4 sweater for Ollie although it needs the ends sewn in and armholes grafted.

I started a pair of socks while I think about what I’ll knit next.

We take each day as it comes. That’s one lesson I’ve learned at least.
Stay well.

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