Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Stitching chickadees

Hubby and I both saw a doctor yesterday and were prescribed prednisone and antibiotics. We contracted a nasty respiratory virus at about the same time and suffered the exact same symptoms which have dragged on and on. Talk about togetherness!
Today, although coughing lots which is a good thing, our energy is up and we’re feeling better. Thank goodness!

It’s a damp day, a prelude to the snow coming in later tonight and tomorrow. Definitely a good time for the studio. 

Finally, I finished all the stitching on the birches. The blue berries actually belong to a wildflower found in our wooded areas called the Blue Bead Lily.

It needs only the backing and binding which are ready to go. Yippee!

I was happy to move onto the chickadees that I so love, beginning by using coloured pencils to add some base colour. It gives me something to follow when I’m stitching as well as providing a background colour that could show behind my stitching rather than white. I brush on a thin coat of fabric medium.

I back it with a layer of stiff interfacing and once it’s dry and ironed, it’s ready to stitch.

I’m not concerned about any of the background wrinkles as these will be trimmed away and the chickadees will be applied to another piece of work. These are only a few inches in size and require a little more  attention and slower free motion movement than most of my pieces. It’s important for me to adhere to my time limits also for my back. I feel happy at this point; I’ve gotten a good start.

When it’s time to rest, I put my feet up and pull out my knitting.  The latest is one of my favourite hat patterns with Noro yarn.

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