Monday, November 25, 2019

Snow day activities

This is what we woke up to this morning. I’m looking forward to seeing the glow through the snow on the rail when the snowflake lights come on at dusk.

My husband took my car with the all wheel drive to work as I decided not to venture out to knitting this afternoon. We are heading to PEI on Friday for our grandson Ollie’s 3rd birthday and it was nice to stay home and get some little things done so I won’t be stressed later in the week.

I’ve finished the advent calendar except for the hanging sleeve which is done and ready to hand stitch.

Then I wrapped all the little surprises.

I got a chicken and vegetables ready for roasting shortly. My oven was cleaned on Friday but I just cleaned the racks this morning. Done.

Sometimes I like to take a break from my fiber art pieces to make smaller gifts items like, zippered pouches, book marks, little notebooks, needle cases, etc. My last large piece of painted canvas is all used up; it was time to make a new one. I found some raw canvas and randomly coated it with a base layer of acrylic paint.

The picture appears a bit darker than the actual color but there will a few more layers of paint with stamping and screening. It’s large enough that I can cut it up when the inspiration strikes for me to make a small item. It is  a fun exercise, especially going through my stamps and screens to see what I’ll add next. It looks messy now but when it’s finished with all the layers and stitching it’ll be different,

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