Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A piece for SAQA

This morning, I sat in my studio watching the first half of a movie on Netflix (The Imitation Game - an excellent movie)  while I finished stitching the binding on my 12” by 12” donation piece for the SAQA fall auction. 

Yesterday, I watched the movie Colette - also an excellent movie - while doing the flowered embroidery and the beads.

I think it might be what I enjoyed the most. It’s very relaxing.

A little project that I did on earth day was a small produce bag cut from recycled lace valance found at the 2nd hand store. I simply cut the peaked edges off the bottom, folded and stitched a side and the bottom. The drawstring which I ran through the holes already there for the rod, came from an old pair of pjs. Do you pull those things out before passing them to the rag bag?

I have enough from the one small valance for 2 more bags. Cost $2.00.

It’s a cold, half rainy and half snowy day here today but at least the snow is going and there are patches of garden showing. My tulips near the foundation on the sunny side of the house are just peeping out of the soil  and I managed to plant more bulbs earlier this week. I temporarily can smell (I do t have smell most of the time) due to the extra doses of cortisone that I needed for my chest colds. A silver lining as I could smell the earth when I planted. 

It is a hopeful time .


Robbie said...

Your SAQA quilt is LOVELY!!!! Yes, Imitation Game was very good!!

Quilting Babcia said...

Your SAQA piece is simply gorgeous, not to mention your new produce bag. Perfect for an open-air market in the summer!

Sue White said...

I love the finished SAQA project. Great solution for the bottom part.

الرحمه للتنظيف said...
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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think you must have the prettiest produce bag ever! As for your SAQA piece - it gives such a great impression of spring. The colors are perfect. Now if we can just get the great outdoors to mimic it, we'll be happy!