Monday, January 11, 2016

Queen Anne's lace

I can't help it! I'm trying to work on one project- yes the tree from last post- when the Gelli printed Queen Anne's lace keeps popping into my head. I figure that I should take advantage of any and all creative inspiration and absorption right now, so I went for it while at the same time cutting and auditioning fabric borders for my tree.

The small section at the top with the strip of green silk is stitched together. I kind of wanted to try a raw edged method this time. I love the look but have always had a hard time to loosen up enough to do it.

The prints with the paint would not fray easily, however I wanted to add a silk strip and it really frays so I pieced it.

I'm still trying to figure out if I could do some raw edges on the piece. I think I'll take it to my quilting group tomorrow and see what they say, bearing in mind that they are mostly more traditional quilters. There's a bit of creativity lurking there though. Since I don't want to lug a machine, basically can't do it, I will bring some hand stitching and a bit of cutting for the baby quilt, also shown in the last post.

A friend stopped by today with some branches that she picked off the trail we would take while snow shoeing. I'm gradually getting over my envy over getting out there and looking forward to a time when I may be able to go for a short one.

In the meantime are these not beautiful? We tagged it the Pom Pom bush as that's how they look from a distance.

This is a little view of my studio while I'm putting together a piece. Just to show that I can get a bit messy.

Once the piece is together and ready for stitching and embellishing the fabric will be folded and stored away.

Then it'll be time for free motion stitching and maybe time to pull out the fiber collection for embellishing.

I'm appreciating that the January days are slowly lengthening. My string of deck lights which are set to cone on at dusk are lighting up a bit later each night.

Then it's time for a few interior candles. Sorry, the light is fading and it's a bit grainy,

I'm on my own this week, eating and cleaning when I feel like it. Walking into my sewing studio when the mood hits. There'll be some reading, some jigsaw piecing on the I Pad (I'm addicted!), and some knitting. No schedule and no cooking!

I'm slowly becoming more positive again, learning to rest when I need it. When I can stop fighting my current limitations and listen to my body, I'll have less pain at night and therefore a better sleep and a better attitude the next day. Well, that's the plan.

Happy Monday! I'm hoping you've done something nice for yourself today.



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Very nice,Holly

Sandi said...

Your Queen Anne's Lace is lovely and I covet you snowflake mat! Enjoy the quiet time.

Mereknits said...

Your projects always and I mean always amaze me, you are such a gifted artist. Alone time is the best. I never seem to have any but when I catch an hour or two it is a blessing.